To purchase one of our Junior Sensory Kits, you can subscribe to our “one month recurring” option. You will then be automatically subscribed for the following months. You can cancel anytime after your first month. This can be found here. You can also purchase a kit on its own here under “A La Carte”. 

The Junior Sensory Kits are intended for children ages 2-4. Parental supervision is required since there are small parts.

Yes, please see above. Parental supervision is required.

Yes. If you would like to purchase one kit, this is available to you here under “A La Carte”. You can also purchase sensory bases only here

Each kit is focused on one particular subject matter and includes all of the items needed to engage with one sensory activity. Each kit includes one book about a specific cultural topic, a related sensory-based activity, an on-the-go activity, and coloring pages. Some examples include: playdough, cloud dough, dyed pasta, painting, coloring, rice, and more.

Yes. Each product we sell is intended for one child only. That being said, if your kids want to work on a kit together, that is always a possibility!

Yes. We sell all sorts of sensory bases and goodies on our Etsy page. You can find it here.

That depends on the type of sensory base you are buying. Rice, sand, and salt should last forever. Sometimes, the color vibrancy fades over time. 

The Digitally Downloaded eBooks are intended for children ages 5-8. Parental supervision is likely needed, especially for younger kids who cannot read.

This is dependent on your child’s reading level as these tend to have a bit of reading at the beginning and require reading directions for each activity.

Of course! With the right amount of parental supervision and guidance, our products are perfect for your younger kids. We have found that when we allow our users to show us how THEY want to use the products, we oftentimes find new uses for the same activities. We like to encourage the kids to take the activities in whatever direction they want. As long as they are starting to hear some of these words to build awareness, we are happy!

Yes, yes! Our stories are engaging and they oftentimes include fun facts that your child will be sure to enjoy. Additionally, if you have a younger child as well, the two might enjoy doing our kits together. If you find that our products are not age appropriate for your young ones and you would like them to be, please reach out to us. We believe that learning about these topics is important for ANY age and we love creating new products for various levels and ages.

For now, our products are intended for individuals. If you are a teacher and would like to see how you can get our products into your classroom, please email us at the email listed below.

For any other questions, please send us an email at