Sight Word Fun Part 1


Sight words… they’re all the rage these days. But seriously, this is important work. If your child is in Kindergarten, they’ve probably already started practicing these frequently seen words. This digital download provides complimentary games that will help make practicing more fun. In this packet, we focus on 20 specific sight words.

In this download, your child will learn to recognize and write these 20 sight words. Additionally, he or she will practice fine motor skills, shapes, colors, counting, and coloring.

… You didn’t think we would publish a packet without an international aspect did you? Or without a cameo from Sunshine and Boomer? Don’t worry. In this packet, your child will get a special letter from Sunshine and Boomer, as well as their thoughts on some educational topics – like how lucky we are to get the opportunity to learn to read and write because not everyone around the world gets the same opportunity. In this packet, we learn about diversity, literacy, privilege, and gratefulness. As always, this packet will inspire curiosity, while being both educational and fun!


You will have access to one download. This is to be used for one household. Your download will expire after 30 days. All sales are final. The recommended age range is four to seven.

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